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Job Shop Guidelines

AOP Job Shop Guidelines:


  • Placing an advert on Job Shop costs £50.00 per week including 20% VAT
  • Each advert should be for one position only unless you require more than one person for the same job description (eg two lab technicians).
  • Job Shop is free to AOP Accredited Photographer, Agent, Affiliated Company and AOP Assisting Photographer members placing advertisements in connection with their own photographic businesses.


  • The Job Shop is constantly updated.
  • As a security measure all jobs are viewed at AOP before being posted on the website.
  • Your advert will be placed on the Job Shop at the earliest opportunity.
  • Adverts received out of office hours will be placed the next working day.

Composing your advert:

  • Please advertise only one job position per advert.
  • Please give some indication of salary levels in your advert.


  • We accept payment by credit or debit card using SagePay, a secure Internet payment system.
  • Members can place adverts for free.

If you have any queries regarding this service or need to make any amendments to adverts submitted, please contact


Legislation prevents advertising of posts, which specify the applicant’s gender, race or religion. In addition, we will not publish any adverts that ask for a personal photograph with the application as this can be used to discriminate and does not determine an applicant’s ability to perform duties.

The Job Shop is for adverts for paid employment. We do not publish 'work experience', unpaid temporary posts or jobs which pay commission only. The AOP reserves the right, at its sole discretion, not to display any advertisement.

We do NOT advertise positions for freelance photographers or assistants. If you wish to employ the services of a freelance Photographer check out our AOP Photographer member’s portfolios in the ‘Find A Photographer...' search here. If you wish to employ the services of an AOP Assisting Photographer member check out the AOP Assistant Search here.

Alternatively AOP members can post a request to the AOP List, therefore getting personal recommendations from your fellow AOP Photographers. To join the AOP List members should sign in to the Member's Area and click on the link for the AOP Network (List).

Advertisers should be aware that anyone working for them full-time will be classed as an employee for Inland Revenue purposes.

You can use the 'Print' facility in your browser to print a copy of this information for your records ('File' - 'Print').

Thank you for advertising with Job Shop. Click HERE to proceed.

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