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The Association of Photographers was first formed in 1968 as the Association of Fashion and Advertising Photographers and is one of the most prestigious professional photographers' associations in the world.

The Association's aims are to protect, promote and inspire the worth and standing of its members within the commercial photographic industry

Our mission is to be the guiding force for professional photographers, and image-makers, on matters relating to business practice in still and moving images, whether from a practical, educational or legal basis. The Association brings professionals together and provides a sense of community that is simply unavailable anywhere else. We promote the highest levels of achievement, and we campaign for our members' interests at all levels.

As a trade association, we

  • Champion the rights of all photographers, especially those working in a professional capacity
  • Campaign tirelessly on issues of copyright, best practice, and professionalism
  • Provide a community hub for photographers and image-makers
  • Promote our members professional creative works through our various channels, including our Awards and events
  • Educate our members on a wide range of industry-related issues, covering the interests and rights of photographers

The AOP membership has always been formed of some of the most influential, trailblazing photographers in the history of the art form. Past and present members include the likes of Terence Donovan, Rankin, Tim Flach, Nadav Kander, Tessa Traeger, David Bailey, Julia Fullerton-Batten and Jillian Edelstein. For over 50 years, members’ work has appeared in global advertising campaigns, books, newspapers, magazines, exhibitions and cultural events the world over.

Membership is open to:
Professional and Assisting Photographers working in the creative sector, Agents, any Individuals working in the photographic industry, those starting out in the profession, those in education and anyone with an interest in professional photography.

Our members' clients include:
Advertising agencies, brands, design groups, corporate sector companies, publishing houses, production companies, broadcasters and music publishers.

Our members' work is:
Published worldwide in magazines, newspapers, books, TV and advertising campaigns, both online and in print. The type of work produced can be either photographic stills or short form film. Many members also produce work as fine art, sold and collected through traditional galleries and online.

The Association also provides the following to its members:

Business and legal advice


Campaigning and lobbying




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