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Eryn Baxter


Phone: 07902425800
Fax: -
Mobile: 07902425800
Based in: London
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Experience: 3 Years Experience

Assistant Overview

Find my Instagram @erynbaxterphotography

• I have worked with esteemed clients repetitively, including @Wolfcubwolfcub, Daniel Archer, Jon Gorrigan, Amber Dixon, Rid Burman, and Parker Woods. I have also assisted on smaller shoots for business events and product photography.

• Operated photography equipment proficiently, ensuring organised sets and assisting with lighting setups for model and still life product photography.
Lighting: Profoto, Arri, Broncolor, Apurture, and location lighting. Comfortable with most cameras digital and film.

• Utilised Adobe Photoshop, Capture One, Lightroom for post- production tasks, showcasing technical proficiency in retouching.

• Demonstrated organisational and multitasking skills by efficiently coordinating studio schedules and maintaining equipment.

I'm very down to earth and great sense of humour :) I accommodate to different set schedules with efficiency ensuring workflow runs fluidly.

Extremely willing to travel Valid Passport! Full UK driving license.
* previous lighting warehouse and studio experience

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